2016 New Year’s Resolutions

Good morning, afternoon, or evening, (Depending on what time you’re  reading it).

So today is the 7th day in this new year 2016 and i’m sure some of you feel like the festive season was a while ago. Many of you might even feel like not much has changed and the outlook for this new year doesn’t seem to be any different than last year. Well it all depends on how you look at it.

So just like everyone else out there, i’m sure you’ve come up with a tentative list of things that should improve in your life, however you’re somehow doubting if it will ever happen.

You see as the new year begins, everyone has hopes and dreams that their biggest desire to succeed in (insert whatever you want to achieve) will be met by some fairy god mother, or a rescuer of some sort. Please tell me i’m not the only one who thinks as such ….

The greatest lesson that i learnt from 2015 was that no matter what, always have MOMENTUM, like seriously, do not procrastinate by daydreaming for too long ( I can relate to this very well). Get yourself up and involved in things, read, travel, explore your creative side, volunteer, do anything (as long as it’s legal) but do not stand still doing NOTHING.

December 2014 i sat down in my room with a pen and paper and wrote down all the things i wanted to do in 2015, i made sure to be as BOLD in my thinking as possible, i awaited 201New Year's resolution plan5 with all might so that i could start doing the things on my list. Well 2015 came and i slacked and didn’t commit to my “New Years Resolution plan” just like 97% of the population doesn’t commit. I put my book in my drawer out of  SIGHT!!!!

What does sight have to do with it? As the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind” It is important to have your list of goals infront of you. Something you can look at everyday. That is why i recommend having a VISIONBOARD, it is NECESSARY to be 100% committed to your dream. It is vital to speak your future into existence, no matter the odds.

Don’t allow 2016 to be just another year of unfulfilled dreams (i’m not saying all of them will happen at once). Search within you and find what it is you want to do and become. Be consitent and hungry. Have Laser focus and most importantly smash your goals. UNLEASH YOUR POTENTIAL.

Enjoy the rest of 2016 and go get what you deserve.


Sherryjayne xx

Running on Empty!

Hello there,

First and foremost, welcome aboard. Finally after trail brazing through the internet you’ve come across something remotely related to your situation. You see, even with all the words available in a dictionary, nothing can quite quest the thirst that you feel and the burden on your shoulders. No one seems to understand you, not even YOU!!!!

Sorry, about that abrupt, somewhat confusing introduction. Catch your breath, i’m not a mind reader. Just a person who can relate to what you’re feeling and going through. Okay Okay, let’s get to the point. ‘Don’t you just hate it when you’re reading something that seems so enticing and never gets to the point. After all that reading, you find yourself asking even more questions than you had at the beginning, and you’re like, did i just spend 10 minutes of my life reading that?

Okay, now that i have your attention, read on. Have you ever been in a space of confusion that it seems as though you’re running on empty? What do you do to get out of this rat race? Do you stay, leave, or do a bit of both? The answer lies within you. I’ve found that in this life you must be prepared to walk alone at times (not everyone means well for you). ** sidenote**

Running on empty could be simply doing the same thing day in day  out with no real change occuring. HOLD UP right there, do you know that doing the same thing day in and out is a conscious choice that YOU and I make everyday, the only thing is that it has become so familiar that we fail to recognize it as a choice.

The feeling of being overwhelmed comes upon us when we feel like we are running on empty. This feeling requires nothing but pure desire to see JUST another day (those voices in your head wishing that someone will come and save you and your misery will be taken away). You see unless you set time aside to work on you and really confront the situation, the same result will amount from Negative REPEATED ACTION.

Okay, so you must be thinking now, well Jane you make it sound so easy, you make it look as though we wish this feeling upon ourselves. How can you say that?  you have no idea how much it hurts or how heavy my heart is. Well i’m here to tell you that i too feel EXACTLY the same at times. We are all human, we are not perfect. Sometimes emotions run high and get the better of us.

Welcome to my blog, i’m Jane. Just like my introduction said, i’m a highly positive individual. This post is an ice-breaker, just to reassure you that no one runs on 100% everytime. Whatever the situation is that is making you feel like you want to give up, it’s time to RISE above it. Whatever is the situation that is making you feel as though you are running on empty, here is an encouraging read for you. Now go and do what needs to be done.